We are

a CX collective.

We work from our strengths and collaborate to discover, design, and deliver with humans in mind.

We seek to be

curious and open.

Embracing empathy, inspiring creativity, and encouraging experimentation.

We stand for

diversity and inclusion.

To innovate and meet customer needs we believe you need diversity of thought and plurality of opinions and perspectives.

The Humind Collective

We are a community of talented and diverse CX professionals with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and skills. Our diversity allows us to leverage the best talent and work across the breadth of customer interests and problems, and to collaborate to develop customer solutions and sustainable change.

Our collective team is built from a place of friendship, trust, shared optimism and a fascination with human experiences. This makes our work our passion and drives a desire for connection, partnership, and problem solving.


The Humind Collective capability footprint covers:

  • Customer Experience

  • Employee Experience

  • Digital Experience

  • Service Design

  • Voice of Customer

  • Customer and Data Analytics

  • Program and Project Management

  • Business and Process Analysis

  • Change Management

  • Internal Communication

  • Event Management