Customer Journey Mapping training

Customer journey mapping can provide invaluable insights into how customers interact with all aspects of a business - from their first contact to post-purchase follow up.

It takes data points collected across several touchpoints and provides an actionable look at what's working well and what areas could use improvement.

With the right know-how and resources, you'll be equipped to make customer journey mapping a priority in your organisation.

Join us on our exploration into the fascinating world of customer journey mapping!

Frequently asked questions about customer journey mapping training

Who should attend training?

Customer journey mapping training gives organisations the opportunity to enhance customer experiences and increase customer loyalty.

This type of training is ideal for any organisation looking to better understand how customers interact with their products, services, and experiences. Ideal attendees are representatives from marketing, customer service, product design, product or project managers, senior leadership, sales, and analytics teams – those who work directly with customers or shape the overall experience they have with the organisation.

All participants should come with an open mind and be ready to get hands-on to learn new techniques and processes so they can help level-up their team’s success. If your people can make sense of every step of the journey that customers take when interacting with your organisation, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

What is included in customer journey mapping training?

The public customer journey mapping training is delivered in 4 x 2 hour live online modules:

  1. What is a customer journey mapping, and setting up your project for success

  2. How to gather data and complete research for your project

  3. How to create the customer journey map

  4. How to use your customer journey map to drive customer and organisational change

Customer journey mapping can be complicated. Following completion of training, participants are offered 3 x 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions that they can use anytime over the next 6 months following training.

With this targeted and personalised approach, each participant will be well prepared and supported to lead successful customer journey mapping projects in their organisation.

When are the next public courses?

Public courses will return in 2024.

Do you offer private courses?

Yes. Private courses can be a more cost-effective option for larger numbers.

They are a great tool for driving organisation-wide customer centricity by getting everyone on the ‘same page’.

You can also have more flexibility with dates and times to suit your organisation, as well the option for in person delivery.